A Journey Through Religion And Life Eternal

First of all I think it is appropriate to say something about who we ‘Mormons’ are.

We have no horns. We have no harem and we believe in God and Jesus Christ. We are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father like everyone on the planet.

We believe in Jesus Christ and the atonement. We believe in the remission of sins through repentance. We believe in life after death and we believe that our families can be together forever when living a righteous life.

This blog is not just aimed at ‘Mormons’, at members of The Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints. It is for everybody who has something to say or ask about religion, and to share experiences.

With this blog I want everybody to participate by making comments and creating discussions.

There are certainly as many people out there in this world as there are questions about religious matters.

I expect a lot of worthwhile and interesting contributions.

I invite you to share and contribute what is in your heart and on your mind by following me on this journey through the excursion of life eternal and time without limit.

This is going to be worth our time, friends!

I am looking forward to meet all of you.

Elke Houghton

Eliza R. Snow: “The Lord Is My Trust. I will smile at the rage of the tempest, and ride fearlessly and triumphantly across the boisterous ocean of circumstance …

And the ‘Testimony of Jesus’ will light up a lamp that will guide my vision through the portals of immortality, and communicate to my understanding the Glories of the Celestial Kingdom.”


A Journey Through Religion And Life Eternal


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