Divine Protections – A Modern Time Miracle

Some of you may have read this Facebook post by Matthew Steadman. Believe me when I say, it will touch you.

(Matthew Steadman) I received the following story from my Thursday Shift Coordinator at the Temple. Please Read:


On September 9, 1957, Elder Robert Thomas Stout recorded this experience in his missinary journal.

Elder Stout and his companion were tracing that day in Malsumoto, Japan, when they came to the home of Mr. O. Gawa.

Elder Stout opened his visual aid kit to a picture of the Presidency of the Church, but the man instead noticed immediately another picture which Elder Stout had bought in Hawaii. It was a post card picture of the Hawaiian Temple from the air.

Mr. O. Gawa turned pale and seemed shocked when he saw this picture. Then he told the missionaries about his experience at the temple. He had flown a fighter-bomber during the Pearl Harbor Attack.

He said, “I had a very large bomb left after leaving the Pearl Harbor area, and I hoped to find a very special target for my bomb before returning to our carrier ship. Then I saw this place (Pointing to the aerial picture of the Temple) and I was determined I would destory that building. I circled and doe, but my bomb would not fall. I tried again and again but some power stopped me.

Then I was so angered that I decided to dive and empty my machine guns, but I was really disqusted when my guns wouldn’t shoot. I feel a strange power come over me. I tried two more times, but the bomb would not fall and the guns would not shot.

“I began to fear that I would run out of fuel, so I tried one desperate try, and I even thought I would sucide dive my plane into the building. But my controls would not work They were just stiff-frozen-and I could not dive.

I then had a great frear, and I realized that a strange power protected that white building with the blue pols. Less than two minutes later I was over the sea. I dropped my bombs and shot my guns but I had hit nothing. I felt disgraced that I had used my bombs for nothing, and I could not report my failure and strange story. So since the plane was now perating perfectly, I thought I would go back and try to empty my guns into that mysterious building with its magic power.

“But as I tried to turn around and go back, my controls would not respond to my commands, and I felt a powerful influence and that I had angered God.”

The missionaries told him that the reason why he couldnt destroy the Temple was because it truly was the HOUSE OF THE LORD. He later took the discussions, was baptized and is now active in the church.


Divine Protections – A Modern Time Miracle




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