Power Of Prayer

I felt very lucky to live in Sörforsa, Sweden. It was amid woods, meadows and lakes. To me it was paradise.

Even though I grew up without sisters and brothers and without a father, I never really missed my father thanks to my mother who taught me that I had a Father in Heaven who is always there for me when I need Him, who comforts me when I am sad, and who protects me when I am alone.

I was often alone. My mother had to work hard to support us but still I never felt lonely.

 My Father in Heaven was always with me. Whenever I felt troubled or scared, I told Him about it and felt comforted immediately.

When I was happy I shared my happiness with Him, and then I felt even happier than before.     

The summer is short in Sweden, short but wonderful. There was always this amazing smell of summer in the air that took my breath away.

The birds were singing, and most of the time there was a mild wind making me feel as if I could fly. And I could almost hear the wind whisper: ‘sssummer is here, sssummer is here!’

The lake I was living by was clear like a mirror. I loved to take the boat and row out on the lake and enjoy the silence with only the sounds of nature that kept me in its spell. Now and then I could see a fish jumping up and disappear in the water. It was wonderful to be alive.

I and my friends used to stay outside until dark to enjoy the summertime. Most of the time nobody was waiting for me at home anyway because my mother had often to work night shifts – far too often as it seemed to me.

Therefore I loved it to stay outside and enjoy the freedom and wideness under the sky. I loved it to watch the stars twinkle so friendly and the moon turn everything into a silver shining light.

When I was 8 years old I and my friends were playing in a large meadow close to town in just a night as that.

It had already been dark for a long time as we finally decided to go home. But all of a sudden I was terrified! I had lost the most important thing I possessed at that time. My key to our apartment which always was on a chain around my neck!

Without it I would have to stay outside the door of our home until my mother would come home. That wouldn’t be until early in the morning. I was too shy to stay with friends in their house.

My friends noticed that something was wrong. After I told them what had happened they immediately started to look for the key. But it was an impossible attempt to try to find a tiny key in such a large area of ankle high  grass in the dark.

I knew instantly that we wouldn’t be able to find the key without Heavenly Father’s help.

I hesitated to tell my friends but I knew what I had to do. I told them that we needed to pray to our Heavenly Father and ask Him to help us find the key.

I was glad that my friends understood. We all disappeared behind bushes and trees and got on our knees to pray.

My prayer was a cry for help from deep down my soul. As I got up again a wonderful, peaceful feeling came over me. I took a few steps into the meadow and suddenly something was gleaming through the grass right in front of me on the ground. I had really only made a few steps into the meadow. And there it was;  my key!!!

My friends came running and surrounded me. They all stared at the key in my hand. It was miraculous! Nobody said a word and tears were running down our cheeks.

We put our arms around each other. I can feel it and see it as if it happened just yesterday. We felt such a deep joy and unity. We all joined hands and went home together.

It seemed as if the sky was much brighter than before even though the sun was long gone. And the stars were twinkling as if they would say: “See, miracles still happen and Heavenly Father is always there to help if you just let Him!” I felt like I could hear the angels sing.

This experience was a guiding impression throughout my life and I am sure for my friends as well.


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