Will You Open The Door To Your Heart?

Are you ready? Will you open the door when Jesus knocks? He is waiting all day for you to open your heart for Him.

He is your Hope, your Future, your Everlasting Destiny.

Don’t waste valuable time. Open your door and let Him in!


“We believe that our Heavenly Father has spoken in our own day … , that he heard the humble prayer of a youth in Palmyra, and answered his prayer and blessed him with a knowledge of his personality, that all people might know the Lord, if they will.” – President George Albert Smith. http://bit.ly/tY8jkV.

Use the 3 C’s in your life:  Choice, Chance, Change

You must make a Choice,

To take the Chance,

If you want your life to Change.


A friend of mine wrote on my Facebook wall following comment: “I wish the door had a door knob so that he could just open the door when I’m being stubbern!”

My answer: “Oh yes, I wish that too! But unfortunately that is not how it works. That means: ‘Unfortunately’ the way we see it. But there is a comfort in knowing that HE is there waiting for us to open the door, no matter how long it will take us to get over our stubberness! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!”


Will You Open The Door To Your Heart?


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