Together Forever

Our first home in Soerforsa, Sweden

I went through my diary and found an entry that I would like to share with you.

This entry made me think about how much I love my family and that being a member of The Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints means that we know that we can be together forever as families.

This is my entry: “Yesterday our home teachers came. We had a nice time together. Before they had to go, one of them offered the closing prayer. He said: “… please bless this ETERNAL FAMILY …!”

He said more fundamental things that without doubt where given to him by the Spirit.

I wish I could remember!!! It was one of these special meaningful promptings given by the Spirit.

But this one remarkable thing he said, really hit me. It was a real reassurance that we are an Eternal Family!”

I am just thinking of the primary song “Families can be together forever in Heavenly Father’s Plan”. It is such a comfort and blessing!

May we always think about that we can be together forever as families. All we have to do is follow Heavenly Father’s Plan. Be good and help others.

Together Forever

Our first home in Soerforsa, Sweden


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