Life Is A Gift

We all will encounter some times in life that brings sorrow into our hearts or happiness for that matter.

It is about how we live through it and how it influences us. No rock is put in our way to hinder us to stay on the path we have chosen. It is there to remind us that life is a time to learn, a time to grow.

No matter what happens throughout the years – life goes on. After the storm, comes the rainbow and at the end of the rainbow the sun is waiting to lighten up our hearts and our ways.

Life is a gift. It is the greatest gift of all. The earth is full of life. Everywhere we go the beauty of life is there to remind us of its wonders.

Every mountain peak, lake or river, forest or meadow, sunset or sunrise – every laughter or tears, sorrow or happiness, it’s all a proof of life’s eternal wonder and glory.

Nothing lasts forever in this life. Every moment is precious. Every moment taken in with a grateful mind gives us strength and joy.

Nature is a glorious teacher. It teaches us thoughtfulness and patience, love and gratitude. The majesty of the earth gives us comfort and trust on our journey through life.

And at the end of this journey is the wonderful invitation written in the sky, to enter eternity full of new wonders and beauty – forever!

Life Is A Gift



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