Try It – Knock And See What Happens!

This is a testimony one of my seminary students gave in a Fast-Sunday meeting after attending a youth conference many years ago.

“Not long ago, I went to church automatically just because my whole family did. But when I went to the youth conference this year something changed.

I could feel the Spirit and was very impressed by the testimonies of the other young people.

I made the decision to prayerfully study the scriptures and to knock and see what happens!

My dear sisters and brothers. I testify to you that the scriptures are true where it says: ‘Ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.’ (D&C 4:7)

I also have a strong testimony of fasting. If we faithfully and sincere fast and pray, we can help others and ourselves through times of difficulties.

The most wonderful thing I experienced was that I am never alone. I can trust the Lord with all my heart because He will never leave my side; we are the ones that go away and leave Him.

I will try harder to graduate from seminary. I am learning very much by doing so. I am very grateful that we, the youth in the church, have such opportunities and help, to find the right way through life by the teachings of the Lord which we learn in seminary.

I am so glad that I could experience this and I wish I could share this joy with everybody that passes my life.

All I can say is: “T r y  I t !   K n o c k !  You just have to have patience and endurance and you will get an answer!”

I give you this advice and testimony with all my heart in the Name of Jesus Christ! Amen!”

This testimony is a wonderful proof of how a 16 year old girl can feel the Spirit and how important it is to lead our youth towards their very own testimony, which will strengthen them when times get tough and also, how they can be an example to others.

Try It – Knock And See What Happens!



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