The Miracle Of A Key

Christmas in Soerforsa

One of my favorite childhood memories took place in a little town in the northern part of Sweden. I loved it there. It was Paradise. Half of my heart is still there.  Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Story

Today I want to give you my very favorite story. Every time I read it, it brings tears to my eyes. This is how miracles in todays world work. It is awesome. It is heartwarming, it gives good, happy feelings – it is a miracle! Continue reading

The Fuel We Need to Power Our Lives

By Blog Staff ‎September‎ ‎7‎, ‎2017

Tags: Faith Prayer Worship


Loneliness, worry, apathy, and uncertainty. These are just some of the feelings that accompany the challenges of the human experience—things like old age, struggling children, natural disasters, suicide, questions about God, and providing for the needs of a family.

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