Little Angels – My Dream Of Heaven – Bjorn

By Elke Houghton

This drawing was done by Bjorn Primas. He was 6 years old at the time. He is my youngest son. Today he is 33 years old.

Bjorn was born in Munich, Germany and now lives in Utah. At the time he was a 1st-grader he was an enthusiastic drummer. Anything suitable to drum on, was good enough for him.

He also loves soccer and karate but especially his family. He was and still is the peace maker in the family.

He is the youngest of my four children. Today he is a sweet responsible young man. Everybody loves to be around him.


Little Angels – A Little Sister

By Elke Houghton

Three year old London wanted a little sister. He talked about it every day and every time when it was his turn to pray, be it at the dinner table or any occasion, he would add “Jesus, please give me a little sister.”

Not long therafter London’s parents, who had turned in the papers for an adoption, got the call they were waiting for.

Some months later little Paris came into the family. London was the happiest little boy on earth. He told Jesus “Thank You for my little sister”, in all his prayers that followed.

His testimony of the power of prayer was already growing tremendously. Today he is a remarkable 12 year old young man.

Always Your Happiness in Mind,

Little Angels – My Dream Of Heaven – Brenner

By Elke Houghton

Little Angels are stories about spiritual experiences and fun thoughts of children with drawings about how children imagen Heaven to be.

I started this project about 12 years ago and had a lot of little helpers. I want to thank the parents for the stories of their children that they let me publish and the children that so willingly made these beautiful drawings.

We all, the children, the parents, and I, had a truly great time together doing this project.

The first drawing was done by Brenner Stewart. (He was at that time 10 years old). “Brenner is the third of four boys. He is very athletic and social. He loves to play baseball. He is also a very good helper and he loves little children a lot. Brenner has a wonderful big contagious smile.”