The Most Beautiful Story

Today I want to give you my very favorite story. Every time I read it, it brings tears to my eyes. This is how miracles in todays world work. It is awesome. It is heartwarming, it gives good, happy feelings – it is a miracle! Continue reading


I Can Do Anything In The Strength Of The Lord

I can do HARD THINGS – but in the strength of the Lord I can do ALL THINGS.

This was the topic of one of the speakers of the 178 Semi-Annual General Conference today.

Deep down inside of all of us we have the knowledge of where to get the strength and hope for all we do and want to accomplish. Continue reading

Try It – Knock And See What Happens!

This is a testimony one of my seminary students gave in a Fast-Sunday meeting after attending a youth conference many years ago.

“Not long ago, I went to church automatically just because my whole family did. But when I went to the youth conference this year something changed. Continue reading

The Lord Is By My Side

Erik is a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood.

He applied just recently for a job as a sales person. 100 other young people applied for the same job.

Everybody knows that this is almost a hopeless task. But he got an interview and 5 of the 100 were chosen to attend a training seminar. Erik was one of them. Continue reading