Wheelchair Into Heaven

At the time when I still worked at Corel as an International Localization Engineer, one of my colleagues told me a dream he had some time ago.

In his dream he was standing in line to get into Heaven. In front of him was a man in a wheelchair and my colleague was worried about that wheelchair, the closer he came to the entrance. Continue reading


Divine Protections – A Modern Time Miracle

Some of you may have read this Facebook post by Matthew Steadman. Believe me when I say, it will touch you.

(Matthew Steadman) I received the following story from my Thursday Shift Coordinator at the Temple. Please Read: Continue reading

A Journey Through Religion And Life Eternal

First of all I think it is appropriate to say something about who we ‘Mormons’ are.

We have no horns. We have no harem and we believe in God and Jesus Christ. We are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father like everyone on the planet. Continue reading